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Nita Bickley

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10/03/13 05:46 PM #1    

Janice Friedman (Edison)

Happy Birthday Nita!  Today, she would be 71!  I know...I was born 3 days later in Spohn Hospital and we were put side by side in the nursery as requested by our parents.  We lived across the street from each other for most of our years, beginning with nursery and kindergarten at Mrs. Blasingame's Day School, then on to Menger, Wynn Seale, and Ray!  We were like shadows, and were rarely apart.  In the summers we went to Girl Scout camp at Lake Mathis and I think it was the only peace and quiet our parents ever had! We always had one big Birthday party together, as we had the same group of friends and family!   I stay in close touch with Mary, Barbara and Doris, her surviving sisters.  The four of us  had a reunion here in SMA a few years ago, as we are scattered all over the place!  Doris, the youngest lives in Austin,  Barbara and I live in Mexico, and Mary lives even further South.  Thank goodness for the internet, so we can stay in communication!  I recently told them that we had never put a notice of death or comments  on our W.B. Ray Srs. 60 website and that I wanted to get it on there for Nita's Birthday this year.  We all agreed to do so,  and I will conclude with quotes from Doris and Barbara.  So dear goes!   I never dreamed I would be without you will  live in my heart forever,  Happy Birthday Nita,  you still have three days to tease me with the fact you are older!!!      Janice Friedman Edison


Juanita Derks Bickley was born in Corpus Christi, Texas,  on October 3, 1942, to Dr. and Mrs. Estill T. Bickley.  She died in Anchorage,  Alaska,  on January 24,  2011.  She was preceded in death by her parents and an infant son.  She is survived by her three sisters, Mary Bickley Gaffney, Barbara Bickley Martin, and  Doris Eleanor Bickley. .... and her life-long friend/"How can we get into trouble today?!" Janice Friedman Edison, and many many others who loved her and who can share  many more great Nita stories!   


Doris Bickley-  after scattering Nita's ashes around Corpus Christi in all of Nita's favorite places....I heard Nita laughing in my head saying..." we can't even bury my ashes without the police!"  Her laugh is what I think of a lot, and her energy....but mainly her laugh!"  Doris Eleanor Bickley


Barbara Bickley- Nitabug flew away!  No body knew from where she came or where she went! 

Barbara Bickley Martin.

10/25/13 02:32 PM #2    

Robert (Bob) Gartner

I first saw Nita in the seventh grade at Wynn Seale.  What a lovely girl.

08/13/14 09:56 AM #3    

Larry Maltz

I lived down the street from Nita on Indiana...many times us kids went to santa fe pharmacy for a suicide drink at the fountain.  Remember her well.  Another time, another place.

08/14/14 06:37 PM #4    

Lynne Mullens (Hailey)

I first met Nita in 8th grade at Wynn Seale. I was a new student, my family moving to Corpus in January of the 8th grade . Nita was one of the  first people I met. She was so friendly and I liked her instantly. I remember her beautiful dark eyes and kind  of shy sweet smile.I pulled out my '56 & '57 Buckaroo annuals to read what she had written in them. So funny in our 9th grade annual, she started writing on one of the blank pages, told me it was continued on the page with her picture and from there she continued on the favorites page.  It was like a littlle trail to follow it was so long. I wish that I could have seen her one more time before she left us.

Thanks for thinking of this Janice and giving us an opportunity to share memories of Nita.


02/26/17 11:07 PM #5    

Ceil Davis (Christensen)

I went to Menger with Juanita & recall how she could swear and it didn't seem to sound like swear words coming from her. She was always a delight!

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